Have you any stash?

>It’s been over a week since I last threatened to maim anyone at my accounting software company. Oh, I’m not saying I haven’t called them… I have… I think we finally got up to about 8 hours of support total in January that I better not receive a bill for. Suffice it to say I was even unhappier with them when I downloaded and installed my tax software without a hitch. Thank goodness someone knows what they’re doing.

We did have an open house at our new office this past Thursday. DF Andy did the catering, and the food was impressive as well as delicious! We didn’t have as great a turnout as we expected, chiefly because the weather turned off rainy… I’m not complaining about the rain because we so desperately need it here, but I would have liked it better had it held off for a couple of more hours.

Other than that, I’m settling into normal tax season grind. Clients are contacting me and getting their stuff to me. At this point I’m not filing anyone’s stuff yet, because this early in February they usually have a couple of 1099s that straggle in. Unless they really need the refund quickly I like to give it a couple of weeks to make sure we don’t get any surprises that result in an amended return.

I know all of you get tired of hearing about work. It sort of consumes me this time of year. I may gripe about it, but the bottom line is that I really do like what I do for a living. And I’m blessed to be able to be my own boss at it. Gives me a lot of freedom that I really like.

No pictures, but I have been doing some stitching and knitting. Stitch-wise, I’ve been working on the first of my ornaments for the exchange. It’s just about finished, and when I get it done I’ll post a pic. Knit-wise, I’m working on the Lily Chin reversible coat (if you click on the link, it’s M002) and a scarf from a skein of Malabrigo I got on sale at TWNY. The coat is strictly garter stitch so it’s pretty mindless.

That’s me right now. Pretty boring eh? ‘Bout time. 🙂

One more little thing…..It’s Speedweeks, baby!!! Woo hoo!!!

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  1. >It’s good that you enjoy your work, other wise you might go insane this time of year. lolI love that photo of Jr. !!!!Hopefully the answer to that will be a BIG YES!Hugs!

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