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>Yep, It’s a Snowstorm

>The view from my front door:
The view from my back door:
The snow is still coming down, too. We’ll end up with an inch or two before it’s over, which is a very big deal down here.

Not much on the streets right now, but they’re wet, and considering the temps are supposed to drop into the teens tonight, they’ll make a fine skating rink in the morning. I called our choir director and suggested he get our minister to go ahead and cancel services in the morning and call one of the local news stations to scroll the closing across the bottom of the screen as many other churches have been doing. Seemed like free publicity to me. So far he hasn’t bitten. Most great ideas really aren’t appreciated. 🙂

As for us and our snow day, Oscar is napping, Richard is assembling some Ikea furniture we procured last weekend, and I’m working on some cross stitch ornaments for this year’s ornament exchange. Oh, and laundry. I’m loving my new Ikea laundry cart that I got. I think it’s my new best friend. 🙂

By the way, when you say your prayers tonight, I’d appreciate it if you could include one for my friend Sandra, who is caring for her mother Frances. Frances is almost 90 and is ill, and things aren’t looking good right now. They could both use a little extra support, and I’d appreciate it.

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  1. >Yes, I visited your blog. You’re a better woman than I. You had the same amount we did on Saturday.

  2. >I am the one signing as anonymous.Linda

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