Have you any stash?

>This is Bob:Bob is my business partner. We’ve known each other for about 10 years now. Actually, he’s more like the big brother I never had. The most frequent phrase heard around the office is “Bite me”. Bob’s an ordained minister, which is good, because he prays for my soul constantly (and those of you who know me know I’m in desperate need of that).

So yesterday afternoon, Bob calls and asks for my address, which I found strange because I got a Christmas card from him this year. But he said he couldn’t find it, so I gave it to him anyway.

I was home, talking to Richard, when I looked out the window. I said “there’s something in the yard.” This is what I found:My first thought: Bob.

It was a pretty dramatic statement, and actually, it was pretty darn funny. Haven’t heard from my neighbors yet….
But isn’t it cute when a skunk says you’re beautiful???

Comments on: ">Never give out your address unless you know why" (6)

  1. >AWESOME!!! That is just hilarious. My estimation of Bob has gone up (not that you’d have any old slacker as your business partner, but, you know….)

  2. >Double Awesome!!

  3. >That’s fantastic! Go, Bob!Oh, and HAPPY 50th!

  4. >I just found your blog through a comment on Heather’s blog.I agree – that’s totally hilarious! It sounds like Bob is a fun guy!

  5. >T-Totally cool…. And you thought it just slipped by… ROFL…

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