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>Fortuitous Hopping

>Went up to The Whole Nine Yarns this afternoon to complete my shop hopping. Wasn’t really in the market for anything, considering my stash, as most of you know, is quite substantial, but ya never know what might jump out at you…. At any rate, I had decided that Debi’s shop would be my last stop, because I’d dragged Richard to all the shops I think he could stand last Saturday, and I didn’t want to push my luck (although, bless his heart, he’s never ever complained. I married a good man).

So I’m trolling through the shop when lo and behold, in comes The Magic That Is Heather, who was also shop hopping for the afternoon! Merriment and lunch ensued! She and I were going to hop together last Saturday, but plans didn’t work out, so it was good to get to browse together and lunch together for a little while at least. I scored some Koigu that has “sock” written all over it, while Heather got some Koigu that is destined to be made into the Heart Sachets that were the freebie pattern from Knitting Daily.

Unexpected time with a good friend is always the best. 🙂

Comments on: ">Fortuitous Hopping" (3)

  1. >Lucky you and TMTIH! Makes me wish I lived closer.

  2. >Tee hee! I was there today too… and bought some Koigu. Spooky! ;o)

  3. >I am seriously in love with that Koigu I got!! I see more in my future…. Our one-stop-hop and lunch was FUN!!! =)

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