Have you any stash?

>Trying to get my mojo back

>(with apologies to Austin Powers)

I’ve been in a slump. Just haven’t felt like doing much stitching or knitting. Teresa and Jill attribute it to too much going on. First there was the tax deadline with crazy people; now Lynne’s estate has cranked up again (Did I mention that one particular charity is exceedingly greedy and thinks it’s due more money than it actually is out of the estate?? And if I mention its name here, is it considered slander or libel, although it’s true and I can prove it?? And have I said that they’ll be chucking snowballs in Hades before I give to that charity ever again? Not that I’m bitter or anything.).

On top of that, I seem to have a terrible case of CRS (all of you women over 40 know what that is; if you don’t, Google it and I’m sure you can find a definition). It’s so bad I forgot to do payroll reports for my biggest client until the day before they were due. This upset me horribly, to the point where I was sure I was going to be in the corner drooling or something, having completely lost my mind. I forgot to pay the phone bill, and AT&T took exception with it. I forgot to fill out the form for the ornament exchange (fortunately, The Magic That Is Heather is exceedingly kind and understanding).

So I’m trying to get my stitching/knitting mojo back, hoping that’ll be calming and that I can use it to help get rid of the CRS (that and my kewl new Levenger notebook that’s coming via FedEx and living in my purse).

I’m taking a class with Lily Chin at The Whole Nine Yarns on Sunday afternoon on reversible cables. There was homework, which took all of about 20 minutes today:And last night, between watching the celebrity version of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” (and I freely admit that Clay Aiken was smarter than I thought) and the debacle that was the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech game (we won’t discuss it), I managed to put in a few stitches on the Eileen Bennett sampler from ASG:Yeah, that’s a lot of backstitching.

But I still don’t officially feel the return of the stitching/knitting mojo. I thought the weekend at ASG would do it, but I’m still in a funk. I’m up for suggestions. Anybody got anything????

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  1. >Geez…does everyone have more done on Eileen’s piece than me???{{{{hugs}}}} It’ll all blow over eventually!! You can do it!!

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