Have you any stash?

>You know that rush you get when starting a new project?? The wonderment of collecting all the fibers…. of picking out just the right fabric…. of gathering everything all together and getting it all ready and putting in that first stitch??

Well, last night I was doing that. I had purchased a new (to me anyway) chart from Ink Circles… the lovely Sea Stars, and I had treated myself to the equally beautiful Vikki Clayton premium silks to stitch it with. The only thing left to do was to select the fabbie, and I had decided to stitch out of my stash.

First I looked at the fabrics I had just gotten out of the Silkweaver grab bags that had found their way to my door… A couple of very likely candidates after a floss toss, very pretty green overdyeds, but alas, they were 28 ct, and were too small. Off to get the bin of 32 ct fabric. I needed a 21×21 inch piece (yeah, this sucker is gonna be big)… and much to my dismay… the best color choice was…


Plain old boring, ordinary antique white.

Richard sensed my disappointment and asked if I couldn’t just wait and order something more appropriate. I told him that would defeat the idea of stitching out of my rather extensive stash.

Not that there’s anything wrong with white. It’s a perfectly nice color: it shows off the beauty of the silk. I guess I was just hoping for something more… well… exciting. Guess it should just teach me to appreciate the beauty in the more plain things around me and how they can show off everything else, eh?

So I started stitching my new project, and the dark blue I’m working with does look stunning against the white background. And I know it’ll be beautiful when I finish. White does serve it’s purpose.

Just a reminder to scroll down and check out Oscar’s caption contest. Only a few more days before it closes on the 31st! 🙂

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