Have you any stash?

>Just got home from spending a couple of days at my mom’s house. Didn’t bother to take a computer because I’d have to deal with (gasp!) dial-up… how positively primitive… and none of her neighbors so far are technically savvy enough to have a wireless network I can poach from. So I feel like I’ve been blind… having to rely on actual TV news for my NASCAR fix (dreadful — although they appear to have been up to the minute on Paris Hilton’s whereabouts). So I’m happy to be back home with my little laptop, checking e-mail, blogs, and websites. After all, Drema at Needlecraft Corner might add something that I desperately need and I wouldn’t know it! (Even tho she does have my back on the sheep patterns… working on one now that I’ll share when it’s looking a little more like a sheep and not a blob.)

So to the left there you see two very large black dogs. Magic, the very earnest looking poodle is to the left. Cassie, the not so earnest looking but very sweet giant schnauzer is on the right. The non-canine in the center is my sister-in-law, Sandi. She’s kneeling; the dogs are sitting. The dogs are very large.

To the right for your viewing pleasure is Magic, Cassie, and Richard all laying on the floor. Note that I didn’t capture Richard’s best side. Did I mention that the dogs were very large? 100+ pounds apiece? We refer to dogs that size as “ponies” in our house, since Oscar is sure that he’s a “big dog”.
This, of course, is Oscar, His Royal Lowness, the original “big dog”, all 12.5 pounds of dachshund fury, doing what big dogs do best…. toasting his tummy on the heating vent in the wintertime.

Managed to get a wee bit of stitching and knitting done during the trip up to my mom’s. I was there because she had to have an endoscopy done, and I ended up staying an extra day because she doesn’t react well to anesthesia. I’m happy to report that the test went well and they didn’t find anything seriously wrong, so she’s chugging along pretty well for a fiesty 78 year old. I wouldn’t have her any other way. 🙂

Comments on: ">Earnest Looking Black Dogs and Other Thoughts" (2)

  1. >So glad your mom’s OK! Oh, my, looking in that poodle’s eyes kind of makes me want to cry… =)

  2. >Woah – these black doggies are certainly huge – but so beautiful! And what a sad, actually really dramatic, look this poodle has in his eyes – I’d love to come over and cuddle and hug him 😉 Oscar’s a real cutie too – my gosh, I so love dogs!

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