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>Dissed By Geese

>When Richard left for work this morning, he called from the driveway to tell me that a pair of geese and their adorable goslings were in the neighbor’s yard. So, I scramble outside, still clad in my jammies, hair sticking straight up looking like I was in some bizzare 80’s punk band, with a sleeve of Premium saltines in my hand, ready to be adored by geese waddling up to me for a handout.

Boy, was I wrong.

They ignored me. Turned their little goose tailfeathers toward me and sauntered in the other direction. I tried to get their attention. Yelled “Hey, geese!” Tossed some crackers towards them, hoping that food would lure them over. Even followed them through the neighbor’s yard for a bit, cracker in hand (fortunately, the neighbors are in Florida for the week). How needy am I?

They got my hopes up for a minute when they decided to cross the street and briefly looked my way, but then the grass was literally greener on the other side and they went on their way. They left me alone, looking pitiful in my driveway, crackers in hand and no waterfowl to give them to.

Little ingrates. Hmmmph.

Comments on: ">Dissed By Geese" (2)

  1. >Next time, I guess you need to take some Grey Poupon with you.Snotty geese.

  2. >I think it was the Rock Band look, nothing like the Stitchin Sista’s of L’vlle 😉

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