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>A Work in Progress

>So, I decided to join the 21st century and actually publish a blog. I wondered if I had anything of substance to say, but considering all the other cool kids had one, and in my mind I’ve always been a little nerdy girl desperately trying to be a cool kid, I decided I’d better get one.

My blog, like me, is a work in progress. You’d think that as a 40-ish (nay, nearly 50-ish) female, I’d have figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. But what I figured out a long time ago is that the growing up stuff is for the birds. I try to do what I want when I want. Some stuff gets done; other stuff doesn’t, but in the end…. everything that *really* matters will.

So much for philosophical drivel. I plan for my blog to be about whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, but it will pretty much concentrate on my passions in life: my stitching, knitting, and my new passion of spinning (that’s fleece into yarn — of course, most of you who will bother to read this will know that, unlike those my husband tells and to whom he has to explain that spinning is not some type of exercise equipment. Frankly, I loathe exercise).

The true loves of my life are my husband Richard, my dog, His Royal Lowness (HRL) Oscar, my mom, and all of my wonderful friends, just about all of whom I can trace to either stitching, knitting of spinning. It all comes around in a circle, and that’s pretty kewl.

What am I working on now?? I’m knitting one pair of socks for my mom. I’m working on installment two of the Rockin’ Sock Club (www.rockinsockclub.com), and knitting a cardigan that I don’t think is ever going to get done. I’m stitching White Nights in St. Petersburg by Martina Weber which will be absolutely gorgeous.

I hope to get pictures posted of some of these as soon as I figure out how to upload them. 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!! I hope we’re gonna have fun.

Comments on: ">A Work in Progress" (4)

  1. >Does this mean I have to be in the 21st Century?? Egads! You know how much I don’t think so comes to mind?

  2. >Woo hoo!! (BTW, I have one, too…a blog that is…but I’ve been keeping it on the D/L =)

  3. >You are just so kewl. I am thinking of getting a blog but time…

  4. >Welcome to the world of blogging!

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